Climate Change Videos

Climate Change Videos

Climate change poses a grave threat to humanity. Watch the latest climate change videos to learn both the bad (and good) news on climate change.

The Causes and Effects of Climate Change | National Geographic

What causes climate change and global warming? And what are the harmful effects of climate change? Understand the human impact and consequences of climate change on the environment, and our daily lives.

What is Climate Change?

We're all talking about climate change but what exactly is our climate? And why is it changing so rapidly? Our climate has been changing much faster than expected and there are so many ways you and I can have an impact.

The Science of Climate Change

Flash-floods, heat waves, droughts, and mega-fires: all are phenomena that are linked to Earth’s changing climate. We hear about climate change all the time, but how well do you know the facts?

What is Climate Change? Explore the Causes of Climate Change

This video explains what is climate change and describes the greenhouse effect and the impact of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. And it explores the devastating consequences of climate change on our planet – such as rising sea levels, more frequent extreme weather events, and damage to our ecosystem.

The Tipping Point | Climate Change: The Facts | BBC Earth

A dangerous tipping point is reached where even a tiny amount of warming can push our climate into an irreversible warming condition.

Climate Change 2022: The Physical Science Basis - Full video

Video of Climate Change 2022: The Physical Science Basis, the Working Group I contribution to the IPCC 6th Assessment Report

When The World Gets 1℃ Hotter | Climate Change: The Facts | BBC Earth

From the time we wake up to when we go to sleep we are all using massive amounts of energy, the CO2 emissions from this non-stop generation of energy has caused the world to warm by roughly 1℃ and looks to get worse.

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we still feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. Greenhouse gases trap energy from our Sun and warm our atmosphere. Leading to warmer winters, and hotter summers. Dry places become deserts and wet places get flooded. Countless ecosystems will perish while the rising oceans swallow coastal communities.

We WILL Fix Climate Change!

Our world is burning. Rapid climate change is destabilizing our little blue planet. It seems like our GHG emissions will not drop quickly enough to avoid runaway global warming and we may soon hit tipping points that will lead to the collapse of ecosystems and our civilization.

See what three degrees of global warming looks like | The Economist

If global temperatures rise 3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be devastating. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, and this film shows you exactly what it would look like.